6 DIY Projects to Enhance Everyday Living

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Anthtracite Grey Parcel Drop Box Delta M

Anthracite Grey Parcel Drop Box Delta M

2022 marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and that gives us an extra-long bank holiday weekend at the start of June. It’s a prime opportunity to crack on with those DIY projects, but what will make the most impact on everyday life? From a lick of paint to installing a parcel mail box, we suggest 6 DIY weekend projects.

1. Window Dressing for Style & Comfort

Windows let natural sunlight and warmth flood in and give us a view of the outside world. During the day, we want to optimise this, but not when the evenings draw in. Closing the blinds, curtains or shutters instantly makes our home cosy and helps to retain the heat. The real benefit of this will come in Autumn and Winter.

Firstly, give your windows a thorough clean to optimise light infiltration. Measure the window to ensure you purchase the right sized window dressing. Then use a drill to fix a curtain pole, tracks or the blind brackets to the wall. (There are plenty of online ‘how to’ videos to help with this, for example, the Family Handyman). Hang your curtains, blinds or shutters for an instant room update.

2. Install an External Parcel Mailbox for Deliveries

With more of us shopping online, many deliveries don’t fit through the front door letterbox. This means one of four things:

  • Disruption every time the postman knocks
  • Parcels left on the doorstep or flung over the fence – increasing the risk of your order being damaged or stolen
  • Annoyed neighbours who are regularly being asked to take in your parcels
  • The inconvenience of having to keep going to the collection point to pick up your delivery

If this problem is ringing true, there is a solution – install an external parcel mailbox!

With a larger hold capacity than a standard lockable post box, a parcel letterbox can receive and securely hold your deliveries until it is convenient for you to unlock and retrieve your packages.

Letterbox4you offers a selection of high-quality, European-made parcel letterbox options. You can choose between a wall mounted parcel drop box for home, or a free-standing style. Straightforward to install and the benefit will come with your next delivery.

3. Descale the Showerhead to Restore its Looks and Performance

The least glamorous and impactful project, but it will make a difference to your morning shower. If you live in a hard water area, limescale builds up in your showerhead, kettle and washing machine. This affects the appearance and efficiency of those items.

Follow the instructions on a descaling product to restore your showerhead or kettle to ‘as new’ condition. You’ll also benefit from a more powerful flow or quicker boiling times without the cost of splashing out on new products.

4. Fit Loft Insulation to Keep your Home Cosy

This is a bigger project, but achievable over the 4-day weekend. The results might be invisible as you go about daily life, but a well-insulated loft can have a significant impact on heat retention and draft prevention in the home. This helps to reduce the energy needed to keep your property cosy.

Wickes offers a guide on how to insulate a loft, as well as supplying everything that is needed for the project. Please note; you do need to empty the space before insulating the loft – this may be the hardest part of this home improvement!

5. Install Outdoor Lighting Features

From encouraging us outside during the long summer evenings, to enhancing safety and providing a warm welcome when we return home through the darker months, outdoor lighting is a great option for home improvement.

Wall lights, push into the ground lights, string lights and hanging lights; there are many options to brighten your outdoor spaces. With the availability of solar lighting options, it is possible to light up your patio, garden, front entrance or driveway without adding to energy bills.

6. Paint a Room

A splash of colour can be all that is needed to add a fresh style to a room. Nature-inspired tones on the walls are on-trend, as they add serenity to the space. Your preference might be for something brighter, but refreshing the colour can make a room more inviting, relaxing or energising.

Another option to consider is keeping the walls neutral and being bolder on the ceiling. Spruce offers some ceiling painting inspiration.

Bank Holiday DIY Projects

From an external post box to bringing back the sparkle to your chrome showerhead, these DIY projects aren’t just aesthetic, they can make a difference to everyday living. Which takes your fancy?