The flat conversion and rear access post boxes

Gordon the postman is out on his deliveries. He’s already bumped into Mrs Fenn from number six and given her slightly psychotic-looking poodle one of his dog treats (Gordon is very popular with dogs on his round – he has been known to pop a Bonio through the door along with the mail to his favourites so they all look forward to his rounds in case today might be their lucky day!)

As he heads up Broughton Street, he sees Mr Carver looking rather vexed in front of his house. This isn’t out of the ordinary, Mr Carver has decided to turn his rather large detached house into five probably rather poky flats. The building work is, as building work is wont to do, taking longer than anticipated and therefore costing more than it should. So Mr Carver frequently looks vexed as he negotiates deliveries, coordinates various trades and attempts to make everything work together.

On this particular morning, Mr Carver looks rather delighted on seeing Gordon, quite possibly because it is a good excuse to stop and have a chat without the entire site team all joining in and downing tools for a brew at the least excuse.

“How’s it coming Mr Carver?” Gordon asks, “all on time?”
“Oh is it heck” Mr Carver sighs “the glaziers have broken down the other end of town, the sparky’s got delayed on another job and three of the lads who should be doing the roof have got flu.”

“Goodness, nightmare. Anything I can do to help?”

“Don’t suppose you can fit a window or six in your van?” Mr Carver joked

“Of course I can!” Gordon said, “I’ll need to finish my round but after that I can go and get your glass, no problem”

And, true to his word he came back to Broughton Street after making his last delivery, picked up Mr Carver in the van to collect the glass.

“Thank you so much, Gordon” said Mr Carver as the glass was unloaded back at the site. “I really appreciate it. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, you just have to say the word.”

“Well…” said Gordon. “You know, there is something.”

“Anything” Mr Carver exclaimed

“Well. I don’t really like delivering to flats. It’s very annoying traipsing up all the stairs and takes ages. But you could help me out by putting in a decent multiple letterbox downstairs.”

“I don’t know anything about them. What is one of those?”

“It’s a bank of post boxes. There are loads of different ones. My favourite are rear access mail boxes. They are mounted in the wall or the front door of the flats, a bank of five you’d need.  I just walk up to the front door, pop the post in the right number flat’s post box – bish, bash, bosh, done. The tenants then unlock their box from inside and take out their mail. It’s brilliant. Dead secure, no stairs for me and no horrible flyers littering the front entrance hall making the place look untidy. Have a look at Letterbox 4 You, they’ve got loads. Do it now and I reckon the builders can fit it while they’re here”

“Gordon, that sounds brilliant. Not so much a return of a favour for you as a great idea for me. I’ll place the order today”

“I look forward to delivering here then! Hope the build gets better soon.”

And Gordon went on his way.

Adventures in Deliveries

Gordon, our heroic postman was making his rounds a little later than normal on Wednesday.  There had been a power cut at the sorting office. Gordon and his colleagues had had to navigate in the dark to their delivery piles. They were aided only by mobile phone torches and one head torch which had been appropriated by Ethel and was therefore no help to anyone else as she was only 4 foot 2 so the beam shone well below anyone else’s eyeline.

But Gordon was nothing if not adaptable and he set out on his rounds as cheery as ever.

As he made his way up Davis Row, he realised he was catching up with a lady pulling a shopping bag on wheels who was popping things through letterboxes ahead of him.

“Hello” he said perkily as they met on the path at number 7, “Lovely morning for a delivery”

“Oh yes” she said, “But I’d no idea it was such hard work! Claire.” She introduced herself. “I had some time on my hands and I thought I could do with a bit of extra exercise, so I volunteered myself this month. But I’m shattered already and I’m not half way done.”

“I’ve been at it a few years now. It’s alright once you get used to it.  What are you delivering?”

“It’s the Parish Newsletter. You know the one with all the fêtes and the full results of the allotment jam competition and the phone number for Gerry at the church hall?”

“Ah” Gordon said “I don’t live here but I think we have a similar thing. Many more to do?”

“I’ve been at it hours” she said despondently “I’ve had my fingers trapped by springy letterboxes, I’ve had dogs launch themselves at my hand as I’ve pushed it through and I’ve bent down and up so many times I’m quite dizzy.”

“You get used to it. Honest! And then you get some really good letterboxes and it makes all the horrible ones worth it”

“I’d no idea until today there were horrible letterboxes. I’m now wondering what mines like! I’ll have to check later.”

The two continued on their way together companionably with Gordon very nobly tackling the most bitey-looking options and Claire chatting away beside him. They turned into Green Acre Drive and he heard Claire give a groan. “Flats” she whispered, “Not flats! Not stairs. I can’t face all those stairs!”

Gordon’s eyes twinkled as he held open the door in the first block of flats. “you wait” he said.

Claire’s eyes lit up as she saw a bank of letterboxes at the back of the hall. “Oh!” she gave almost a squeal of delight “they’re all together! Look at that!” and she merrily stuffed a newsletter into each slot. “this” said Gordon “is the delight of posties everywhere. A multiple letterbox. A thing of beauty and ease for all concerned. Your face quite made my morning! Stairs, pah!”

“I’ve never been so pleased to see a, “multiple post box”, you call it? Oh, what a treat. Would you like a Jaffa Cake?”

Gordon certainly did like a Jaffa Cake and gratefully accepted before saying he needed to press on and keep up the good work. “Oh yes. I will, thank you. Once I’ve done another 20 I shall have earned a second Jaffa Cake” and she trotted out to the next block.

Merry Christmas from Gordon!

Gordon the Postman was making his way up Greenhill Lane. The houses in this street seemed to have a competition to see who could put up the biggest, brightest and flashiest Christmas decorations. Number Ten was probably the current winner, Gordon mused, they had a lawn full of plastic elves with parcels, an entire team of light-up reindeer galloping across the roof and a blow-up Santa of quite epic proportions poking out of the chimney.

He trotted across the lawn with his stack of mail, popped it through the letterbox and went back to his van. He repeated the process at numbers twelve, fourteen and sixteen finding on his way a collection of fairy lights, tinsel, another Santa and few stars. “I love Christmas”, he thought, humming something that may have once been Slade.

At the top of the road, he drove his van into the garden centre and went in to the shop with their letters and a parcel.

As he approached the till he said

“Sandra, I’ve got your post. Would you do the honours?”

“Oh” she said, looking at the address on the third one “you’d best take that one out the back, that’s for Santa. He’s just setting up in the grotto. Go through.”

“No problems” and Gordon set off through the shop to the Christmas area at the back.

“Hello?” he hollered as he entered the covered over, snowy cave that was the centrepiece of this Christmas extravaganza “er, Santa?”

There was no answer, so he stuck his head in gingerly, not wanting to catch the big man in the middle of getting changed.

“Ho ho ho!” a voice boomed back. “Come on in Gordon!”

As Gordon went into the little grotto, he saw Santa perched on his big chair clutching a takeaway coffee. Santa saw him looking and winked “Got to set myself up for the day! Lots of children to see and wishes to grant, you know.”

“Of course. Can’t beat a good kick of caffeine.  I’ve a letter here for you.”

“How strange. Normally people write to me at home at the North Pole. What a relief it found me here!”

“Er?” said Gordon, not wishing to be rude.

“Oh, it’s a list from Freddie Chambers. Perfect, I’ll add it to the pile. Busy, busy elves!”

“Er” said Gordon again, feeling that perhaps he needs the coffee more than the jolly man in front of him. Or maybe a mulled wine. Was it too early for a small eggnog?

“Have you put your order in yet?”

“What? Me? Er….”

“You are a man of very few words aren’t you Gordon? I had you down as a lot more talkative. Never mind though. Have you put in your Christmas list? Popped it up the chimney maybe?”

“Er. No. Not really. Thought the wife might get me some new socks maybe.”

“Oh, well, very practical I’m sure, the mileage you do. But what does your HEART desire?”


“Think on it Gordon! There’s no time to lose! I want you to shake my hand (you’re a bit old for sitting on my lap) and whisper in my ear something you’d like.”

“OK” said Gordon, feeling like a complete idiot “I’d really like an SD2T, with newspaper holder.  I see so many lovely individual post boxes on my rounds.  I’d love one for my place.  It’d really make the porch look brilliant and stop my newspaper getting all mangled as it is wedged through the door by that young paperboy who clearly isn’t destined for a glittering career in distribution.”

“Is that all?” Said Santa “Think big Gordon, why wouldn’t you want an SD3T? More space, great colour?”

“You’re right, I just wouldn’t want to be greedy”

“Never” boomed Santa “Off you go then, Merry Christmas, ho ho ho!”

And Gordon went out into the Garden Centre, dazed and not a little confused and went on with his rounds.

Now elves of course are very clever and make all manner of things. But they are also geniuses in the art of outsourcing. They keep it very quiet, it’s not good for PR, but you should know that occasionally, when they want expert help with a specialist post box, they have been known to drop a note to the team at Letterbox4You to see if they can help.

So, it won’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Gordon did wake up on Christmas morning to a shiny black SD3T post box (with newspaper holder).

Oh, and some socks.

Merry Christmas!
From all at Letterbox4you

Horace the Paper Shredder

Gordon, our hero postman was doing his Tuesday rounds as normal. It’s a perishing cold day but as always, Gordon is in shorts and fleece, moving at a cracking pace keeps him perfectly warm and he sees absolutely no point in wearing long trousers.

Gordon loves people and dogs and most of them love him. An affable chap, he juggles an exceedingly busy round with making pleasant conversation to all he meets, and he still manages to get back to the depot before many of his colleagues. Friendly and efficient, his boss reckons that if he was able to clone him about ten times, the world of mail deliveries would be an altogether better place and he would sleep a lot better at night.

On this particular Tuesday, he stops in his tracks as Mrs Stedman from number thirty comes hurtling down her drive towards him.

“STOP!” she hollers, throwing up her hands, “Gordon, Stop”

Well this was all a bit odd.

“Are you alright?” Gordon asks politely, trying very hard not to notice that Mrs Stedman is still wearing a what is obviously her nightwear; a saggy pair of check pajamas and an oversized, slightly greying T shirt and has her bare feet on the frosty ground.

“Can I have the post?” She gasps, holding out her hand.

“Of course, here you go.”

“It’s my new bank card. I’m totally stuck without it. I only got one on Friday, but it got ruined so I need another one. I can’t have this one wrecked too”.

“It looks OK.” Gordon says, examining the three envelopes he is clutching for her. “I’m sorry if the last one didn’t make the journey, we really do try to keep everything safe in transit.”

“Oh no” she exclaims “It wasn’t the post. It was Horace. Horace ate the entire thing.”

“Horace is the new dog?” Gordon surmised, having recently heard a new dog barking from inside.

“Yes, our new rescue dog. He’s a total darling but he can’t see anything papery without shredding it into tiny pieces and eating it and he didn’t differentiate the bank card, I’m afraid. It’s a nightmare. He’s had the post most days, all the Sunday papers, a Jane Austen I’m reading for book club and my daughter’s homework. Well, that’s what she told her teacher anyway, I don’t actually recall her doing it if I’m honest… But how often does a girl ever get to say, “The dog ate my homework, miss”?”

“Blimey” Gordon said. “That’s, urm, difficult for you.”

“Oh, I know. We’re obviously trying to train him to play with other things but it’s really hard when a pile of his favourite stuff comes through the door every morning at 8”.

“Have you thought about a letter box?”

“We’ve got one?”

“No, not the one in the door. I was thinking you could put one up outside. Then he can’t get to the paper and you won’t lose all your post.”

“That’s a genius idea! Gordon, you’re a wonder. Why didn’t we think of that?”

“Well, you’re clearly managing quite a lot. If I were you, I’d get on the web straight away with your new card and look at Letterbox 4 You. They have loads of really stylish ones that will look a treat out front here.”

“Thanks Gordon. I am going to do it right now. Horace’s mail chomping days will soon be over”

The next day, Gordon is careful to ring the bell and hand the post to Mrs Stedman. He is introduced to Horace who surely is as described, a lovely dog of some indeterminate mixture of breeds, who looks quite likely to lick a person to death when he’s not busy being a one-dog professional document shredder.

“I’ve ordered a gorgeous letterbox” Mrs Stedman said “It’s arriving later today! I can’t wait.  It was such fun choosing one, there are so many, I’d no idea!”.

And sure enough, on Thursday, Gordon walks up the drive to see a beautiful wall mounted post box attached to the wall of the Stedman’s porch. It’s a rather fancy looking thing with leaves and a newspaper holder.

“Well” he thinks “That’ll sort Horace out”.

And he pops the post easily into the postbox and heads back off on his rounds, smiling to himself.

Why Our Post Boxes For Flats Are Number One

Multiple wall mounted letterboxes E1

It’s been over 4 years since we started supplying our wall mounted communal letterboxes E1 to our clients. Through all these years thousands of tenants used them, some of them less gentle than others. Our E1 letterboxes served as communal letterboxes for flats in high end developments, council estates, commercial offices and even army barracks.

I recently tried to analyse why these letterboxes proved so popular, in many cases winning in direct contest with multiple letterboxes put forward by our competitors.

And it occurred to me that I don’t remember the case of any of our E1 letterboxes coming back to us with problems you hear about every day. No faulty flaps, no faulty doors, no failing locks! The number one reason being extremely reliable letterboxes!

I also almost immediately remembered one of our regular clients- a large housing association from London. They started buying our letterboxes to replace current mailboxes. They said it’s because of the design of our letter slots, which makes our product much safer and reducing the amount of mail theft in their properties, awesome!

Finally, I turned around and look at our warehouse. Nicely stacked straight rows of multiple post boxes in black, white, light grey and dark grey colours. Ready for next day delivery! Of course! How many letterboxes suppliers in the UK can dispatch 100 letterboxes with next day delivery? Almost all of them advertise 3-4 weeks lead time. You can order some of ours at 11.00am and receive them 9.30 am next day, brilliant!

And to top it off, I’ve looked at our reviews, some from ours most regular clients and it all made sense:

With regards to the level of service which you have provided so far, this is something which I can comment on immediately from a Procurement perspective. I have nothing but praise & gratitude for the way that our enquiries have been dealt with by yourself and as a result to date you have achieved a 100% success rate in converting our enquiries in to orders. Also, the delivery lead times have been not only very reasonable but have been adhered to if not exceeded on all occasions.”

High quality letterboxes for office interiors

We have the quality of our products at heart so we would like to think that most of our clients are the ones who are looking for quality, safety and durability of their office letterboxes.  We believe this is the primary factor when it comes to choosing mail sorting solutions for their head quarters and branches.  We were looking for a reliable and creative company within the office & workplace design industry whom we can partner with to deliver an even higher standard of service.  We found Metre Squared Interiors which is a well known and respected brand in the United Kingdom and we've never looked back.

Whatever we threw at these guys they were always coming with answers and solutions when it came to arranging and designing workplaces like lobbies, mail rooms and any other communal areas containing multiple commercial post boxes from Letterbox4you.

What’s new at Letterbox4you?

Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy life to read about our latest achievements and plans. I’d like to update you about some improvements to existing products and to tell you about some new ideas that we are working on. Truthfully, I’ve been inspired by reading Elon Musk’s Biography and I’m very excited because although we may not be Tesla or SpaceX, we have the same ethos at heart! I really believe that running a successful business and becoming one of the best UK suppliers of letterboxes requires a huge amount of invention and creation, rather than just following trends and doing what everyone else is doing.

As you probably know, we work only with one manufacturer at the moment, and although we have been approached by several suppliers from other countries we’ve decided that we will stick to letterboxes manufactured in Europe. Our focus will be mainly on improving existing product lines, strengthening our brand and creating products designed especially for our UK customers.

We are very excited to be able to tell you that they are few designs in the final stages - with samples being manufactured as we speak. Of course, they won’t be brought to market before we are 100% sure that we can give you a high-quality product. Please feel free to visit our new product pages and pass on your feedback, we would love to have your input into the specifications and features of our products. Here are some of the products we are currently working on:

100 Key Cabinet – designed with and for estate agents, property management companies, and any organisations storing and managing multiple sets of keys.

Rear Retrieval Communal Telescopic Letterboxes- single modules of regulated depth which can be built into larger sets, allowing them to be used in various applications.

Wall Mounted Communal Letterboxes with Combination Lock-  designed for student accommodation but suitable for any multi-occupancy residential or commercial building.

We’re innovating all the time so watch this space! We will be in touch when these projects are nearing completion and we can show you more details.

Thank you for reading

Dominic- Founder & Director at Letterbox4you

Landlords: why letterbox security matters

Landlords need to make sure they provide their tenants with adequate and secure letterbox facilities for a number of important reasons.

Developers, too, must ensure they work with buyers of flats to ensure residents have the right facilities for receiving their post.

With most people out all day at work, it's important for there to be somewhere safe and secure for their mail. Tenants will be straight on the phone if things start to go missing. They may even look elsewhere if they are worried about security.

Usually the best option is to source multi-occupancy letterboxes that feature a secure lock and key system. These will make sure tenants' post does not go missing or is simply left at the bottom of the stairwell.

They are also easy to install and come with a number of benefits for landlords/developers. Sizes vary and buyers can even order made-to-measure letterboxes for the spot they decide to place them.

Developers can select mailboxes that fit narrow corridors or letterboxes that are large enough to accept small packages.

Anything that helps keep tenants happy and their post secure will be welcome and reduce time-consuming conflicts and complaints.

Failing to provide a secure letterbox could be classed as negligent and ultimately cost landlords or developers even more in the long run.

"Multi-occupancy addresses, such as flats and halls of residences, are often targeted by criminals as mail in these places is often left insecurely," says the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

"Make sure your letterbox or place where your mail is left for you is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone else."

Ultimately, secure multi-occupancy letterboxes are a sensible investment and wise precaution against potential criminal activity.

You can read more about the letterboxes in our blog "As Seen Through The Letterbox"

Letterbox4you Awarded Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award 2017

February 2017, Letterbox4you has won a Feefo Gold Service award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, rated by real customers.

Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded to businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique as all the awards are based purely on the interactions with verified customers. This feedback has been collated by the Feefo review platform, with the accolades being awarded based upon performance.

Letterbox4you met the criteria of collecting at least 50 reviews between January 1st 2016 and December 31st 2016, and achieved a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 5.0.

Dominic Poznanski, Director of the company commented: “It’s a real honour to receive this award from Feefo. To be recognised for delivering exceptional experiences to our customers is a great achievement. We’ve been working hard to ensure our customers receive the best service possible, and being able to listen, understand and respond to their needs has enabled us to improve our offering in 2016. We’re looking forward to another successful year ahead.”

“We would like to offer our congratulations to all the winners of this year’s Feefo Trusted Service award. We are so proud that so many businesses are putting customer service first.,” said Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo. “We have been working closely with all our customers to build trust and transparency online, and ultimately helping shoppers buy with confidence and make better decisions.”

Feefo is a ratings and reviews, and customer analytics platform. We collect genuine, purchase-verified reviews on behalf of over 3,000 businesses. Feefo ensures that all feedback is authentic, by matching it to a legitimate transaction; we believe this is the best way to combat the rising issue of fake reviews.

About Feefo

Feefo is a global reviews and customer analytics solution to boost business & build trust. Feefo collects reliable customer feedback to deliver up to date insights so businesses and consumers can make better decisions. Feefo does this on behalf of 3,000 companies, providing reviews and customer analytics for more than 5,000 websites. Clients include Expedia, AXA, The White Company, Moss Bros, & Tepilo.

For more information please visit:

About Letterbox4you

Wall mounted letter box? External or through the wall ? Few helpful pointers from Letterbox4you.

Wall mounted letter box?  Post box for gates?  Or maybe through the wall solution? If you still not sure about your letterbox choice, please visit the blog "As Seen Through The Letterbox". You will find few helpful pointers and information about different types of letterboxes available. As a matter of good business practice, every business owner visits their competitors’ websites to see what new products are on offer and how they are being presented to clients.

I have noticed, while browsing through these websites and visiting eBay and Amazon, that there are hundreds of suppliers and thousands of different external post boxes available for purchase. That gave me the idea to share a few tips about choosing the right letterbox. This is not an article that will help you decide if you need for example a wall-mounted letter box or one that goes through the wall. I will concentrate purely on the features, quality and security of your future post box. I will also ignore the price factor, as how much you would like to spend on your letterbox would be your own personal choice.


The first question I would ask is where the particular post box was manufactured. Was it made in Europe or on another continent? Is it a particular brand, or just a mass-produced product with no name? There are several quality control measures for letterboxes and their manufacturers, which should contribute to the quality and security of your product. For example, the ISO9001 management quality certificate and EU regulations for post boxes ensure your letterbox is manufactured in the right environment and to certain standards.


We are living in a country of constant rain and wind, plus very often close to the sea as we are an island. Therefore, there is a high chance of a high salt content in the air, and that could affect your letterbox. A galvanised steel and powder-coated letterbox is a must. Ask your supplier if the steel under the paint layer is galvanised or not. What is the point of buying a wall mounted letter box which will rust in a year’s time? Run a simple comparison between the letterboxes you are considering, and check the weight of each of them. Chances are that if they all look similar and have similar dimensions, the lightest ones may be made of tin steel and will not last. On the other hand, the heaviest one will probably have the thickest "skin" and may give you a few more years.

Dimensions of the large post box and the letter slot

We all get more and more letters and advertising these days, and you don't want them to fill your letterbox quickly. You also don’t want your important documents in A4 format to arrive squashed or be sticking out of your letter slot. Check the dimensions of the letterbox and the letter slot itself. Take an A4 piece of paper and piece of cardboard, cut the cardboard to the dimensions of the letterbox (width and length) and compare them both. It will give you an idea of the capacity and ability to hold larger letters. Cut the opening in your cardboard according to the dimensions of the letter slot on the letterbox you are considering. Check if your A4 page fits easily or if you need to fold it to put it through.


Use the same opening in the cardboard to test how difficult is to reach through and potentially grab your letters from inside. There is no point of having a wall mounted letter box with a big letter slot only to find that someone can help themselves to your bank statements. Enquire about the make of the lock used – again, is it a "no name" product or a lock manufactured in Europe according to certain standards of security for the industry? You can always ask your local locksmith about the brand if you are not sure.

Looking for suitable post boxes for sale is a long process. You may think it is only a letterbox, but you are buying a product that should really last a good few years and keep even the most important letters secure. Any supplier of good-quality letterboxes will either display all of the above information or will have no problems with answering your questions. Happy shopping!

Founder&Director of Letterbox4you

My personal choice- Wall mounted letter box Serenissima 🙂

E2 Recessed mounted letterboxes in stock for immediate dispatch

Due to demand Letterbox4you are pleased to announce that E2 recess mounted letterboxes will be available in stock in dark grey. Being in stock means they are available for immediate dispatch, ensuring a quick delivery if your timescales have changed.

The matching trim, crucial for completing a flush finish when installing recess mounted letterboxes, is also available in dark grey, in the dimensions to suit your order.

Both products can be ordered online via the Letterbox4you website. Simply select E2 recess mounted letterboxes, in dark grey, and the banks you require. To order the recess trim simply select Fitting trim for E2, and enter the required quantity and size to fit your letterbox requirements.

Alternative colours including stainless steel, light grey, dark brown, white, and black are still available on a pre-order basis.

The numbers look good

Letterbox4you have introduced stylish aluminium number plates for use with communal letterboxes. These contemporary plates are engraved with the apartment or flat number, and fit into the card holders that are found on multiple letterboxes. They are the ideal finishing touch to building refurbishments or new builds.

E1S multiple letterboxes dark grey in stock

In order to provide a bespoke service for clients, the popular wall mounted multiple letterboxes, E1S, are traditionally available to order, to meet specific requirements.

Due to demand we are pleased to announce that Letterbox4you are now stocking a limited number of the dark grey E1S option in stock, in banks of 3, 4, 5, and 6; ready for immediate dispatch.

As with any items that are in stock, orders placed before 12noon are dispatched the same day, with express / Saturday delivery options available if required.

So if you've been let down by a supplier, realised multiple letterboxes are missing from your specification, or that work is proceeding more quickly than anticipated, get in touch.

Room for more letters – high capacity letterbox

Letterbox4you are pleased to bring to market a new through the wall letterbox with high volume capacity.

Following demand for a through the wall product that could contain high mail capacity, with added security features, Letterbox4you worked with the manufacturer to bring to market a specific new letterbox to fit this criteria.

The telescopic design of this high capacity letterbox ensures it fits through any wall depth from 204mm to 358mm. The flap accommodates mail and bulky envelopes up to A4 in size. The large storage unit ensures that post is kept secure, even for those who receive high volumes of mail.

The key security feature is the angle from the flap to the storage compartment, and the length of the letterbox chute, ensuring post cannot be retrieved the way it is put in.

Retrieving the mail is achieved easily via a secure lock mechanism. The back of the letterbox unlocks with the key provided, opening down to enable you to access your mail.

This high capacity through the wall letterbox is available in black, white, and copper.

For further details, and the technical specification, visit: Rolle through the wall high capacity letterbox.

Repeat prescription deposit box

This product, new to Letterbox4you, is for GP doctors surgeries and hospitals. The galvanised steel deposit box offers durability and a long lifespan. The repeat prescription deposit box features added security with a row of metal plates positioned inside the deposit slot, which prevents access once the repeat prescription request has been delivered into the box. This provides security and peace of mind for those depositing requests.

Retrieval of repeat prescription requests is achieved with the key which opens the lock on the front of the box. A metal rail inside the box prevents the requests from falling out once the front is opened, ensuring easy access to collect the contents.

For further details visit: repeat prescription deposit box.

Trim for rear access letterboxes

Looking for the finishing touch to ensure your rear access letterbox looks smart in your gate or fence?

Letterbox4you are pleased to now offer a trim for rear access letterboxes that are being mounted through a gate or fence. The trim, in the same colour and material as the letterbox, gives a solid frame which complements the letterbox, and ensures the gate or fence looks smooth without any loose edges, where it has been cut to accommodate the rear access post box.

The inside of the trim can be used as a template to create your cutting guide.

For full details on the product, and to see which rear access letterboxes the trim fits, visit: rear access letterbox trim.