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A great post box is a combination of good design and high quality materials but you also want to buy from an organisation with excellent manufacturing and supply processes. Our philosophy is that a good physical product cannot exist without good customer service before and after purchase. Real people with real passion and knowledge about letterboxes. People who won’t try to sell you something but to give you as much information as possible so that you can make your own decision.

We have noticed that we sell more than our competition because we do not start conversations with our clients by asking them about their budgets. We first try to establish their needs and suggest 2-3 choices that fit their requirements. We take them through their options, talking about locations and security needs. Price is the last part of the process.

We also try to ensure that our customers know that they can count on us after the purchase. We put our contact details on all our marketing materials, order confirmations, invoices etc. There is nothing more annoying than having to hunt around a website to find a company’s contact details. It’s even more annoying to then only have an email option! Our phone number is prominently displayed on the top of our page. No call centres, no “press 1 for sales, 2 for this, 3 for that” just real people that you can talk to pretty much all the time (except for the rare occasion when everyone is on calls with other customers and there is physically no one to pick up the phone except Amber the office dog!).

I really believe that we are doing a great job with prioritising our customer service. For the last 6 years it has provided us with an amazing rate of growth and what’s even more important it’s earned us a Gold Customer Service Award by Feefo three years in a row. Now this is something to be proud of!

Dominic- Founder

The Adventures of Post Man Gordon – Gordon saves the day!

The Adventures of Post Man Gordon - Gordon saves the day!

Gordon was running late; he’d dropped his van keys down the river bank which ran by the side of his house and had spent what seemed like ages, trying to pull them out of the muddy, weed infested bank with a creation he’d made from an old metal coat hanger!

Finally, he hooked the keys securely onto the hanger arm and was then able to hook them up the bank and be on his way.  As he drove off whistling an unnamed tune, he thought to himself how like Postman Pat he really was; all he was missing was Jess, the black and white cat!  Perhaps he should get one, he mused.

“Morning Claire”, he called from his window as he went about his route. “Mind you save me a Jaffa cake, if you’ve any left!” Claire was his sole supply of Jaffa cakes, which she gladly offered to him ever since he showed her the delights of the multiple letter box when she was delivering the Parish Newsletter and thought that she had to deliver each one individually to each resident of a large block of flats!

By the end of the morning, all his letters were delivered but he still had a large package to deliver to Signorina Valentini, right at the very end of the village.  It wasn’t usually down to him to deliver such large parcels but they were short-staffed at the sorting office and so he offered to deliver this one, seeing as it was so close to home.  He drove up to Daisy Cottage but was sure no one was in.  The windows were closed and Signorina Valentini’s bike wasn’t in its usual spot by the shed door. As he got closer, Gordon saw white paper flapping about in the breeze, on the grass.  He jumped out of his van, but the wind whisked the paper away, down the lane.  Gordon chased after the paper as he hated litterbugs and couldn’t bear to see his beautiful village spoiled by such mess!

Signorina Valentini was originally from Sicily. As a child, she was taught to sew by her beloved Nonna (grandmother) and by wearing some of her fabulous creations around the village, her work was becoming more and more popular, with local women (young and old) asking her to make outfits for them. It was taking off to such an extent, she had started to order material and pattern paper online; items which are bulky and didn’t fit through her letterbox. This had become a problem as she also helped at the local primary school and so isn’t always at home when some of the packages arrived.

On this particular day, Signorina Valentini was beside herself, as she’d promised Elvira Mortova of Grey Towers, a beautiful dress for an extremely special occasion – what that occasion was, she didn’t know as she had not been party to that information, much to her irritation. All she knew was that it had to be perfect!  The material was due to arrive from Paris that day, but she had promised to teach year 6 five new words in Italian; settimana (week), anno (year), oggi (today), domani (tomorrow) and ieri (yesterday), as part of their ‘getting to know Italy week’ at school.  In an absolute panic, Signorina Valentini had written several large notes, in broken English, and stuck them to her front door, back door and gate.  “I out. Sorry. Please bring package to scuola skhool.”

“I’m getting too old to chase litter around the village” grumbled Gordon as he eventually caught up with the errant paper and stamped on it to keep it from moving off further.  As he picked it up, he read the message. “Well I never”, he thought, “Signorina Valentini must need this package really urgently.”   Gordon took the sheet back to the cottage and opened the gate.  He rescued the other pieces of paper, all with the same message.  “Thank goodness, I found these.  It was highly unlikely the parcel service would take the packages up to the school,” he muttered to himself.

Gordon got into his van and drove to the village school.  The children were playing in the sunshine as he pulled his van into the car park, carefully avoiding bats and balls which had somehow found their way out of the boundary.  He moved towards the entrance and pushed the buzzer to announce his arrival.  Betty, the school secretary, came to the door with her hands out for the post. “Not for you today Betty. I’ve an urgent package for Signorina Valentini. Is she about?”  Gordon certainly didn’t expect such a welcome as Signorina Valentini flew across the corridor.  She was absolutely delighted that Gordon had been thoughtful enough to act on her note, but also told him about her concerns as to the delivery of packages when she wasn’t at home.

Gordon thought for a minute and then asked her if she’d heard of Letterbox4you.  “No” she said rather bewildered. He explained that they were an online company selling freestanding parcel boxes, “Just perfect for you” he said, “and really easy to buy online.  As it’s freestanding you can put it wherever you want.  Once you choose the spot, I’m happy to come over to help you secure it safely and then you’ll never have to worry about missed packages again!”

Signorina Valentini grinned from ear to ear; she felt that a parcel box was a worthwhile investment for her business and went online to order as soon as she got the opportunity. The box was delivered within the week and once secured, Signorina Valentini received parcels galore ensuring her sewing business went from strength to strength.  She was sew glad to have a friend like Gordon!


The Adventures of Post Man Gordon – Scampering Paws Animal Rescue Stop a Serial Escapee

The Adventures of Post Man Gordon - Scampering Paws Animal Rescue Stop a Serial Escapee

It’s a bright sunny morning when Gordon the Postman reaches Scampering Paws Animal Rescue. He is very much an animal lover so quite enjoys his daily visits. His wife lives in a state of near terror that one day he will actually arrive home with a sick tortoise or a lame cat that he was unable to resist. But so far, he has stayed strong in the face of not inconsiderable temptation!

Before opening the gate, he carefully checks to make sure there aren’t any loose animals that might get out. He then slides in, shutting the gate behind him.

“Morning Sylvia” he calls across to a lady currently lugging a huge bag of something across the yard. “Do you need a hand with that? It looks heavy.”

“Ooh, no. I’m fine. Thank you though.” She replies.

A bright flash of orange suddenly shoots across his vision.

“Woah! What was that?” He exclaims.

There followed a stream of largely unrepeatable words that made Gordon blush, but the general gist of the flow was that their latest rescue, a sighthound, had once again managed to get out of her kennel and was making a bolt for freedom. “We’ve called her Shawshank after the prison escape movie. I have never known a dog that so wants to run. And coupled with some excellent Houdini-like techniques she has properly tested our fences at least twice a day since she arrived. So far, she hasn’t made it out but we are doing an inch by inch check later because she does seem to be able to squeeze herself through the most tiny gaps.”

Sylvia was then seized with a panic “Oh no! Gordon the gate! Did you close the gate?”

“Of course” Gordon reassured her “I always close the gate. Ever since the Alpaca chased me back to the van I’m a bit wary.”

“Ah yes, Wendy. She was a feisty one. She’s living with 2 other Alpaca in a farm by the coast now.”

“You know you should really have some kind of double gate or air lock type thing just in case. I’m careful but I bet not everyone who delivers things is as careful as me.”

“You’re right of course. It’s just money isn’t it? We always spend donations on food and vets first and then if there is any left we might think about structural work.”

“I know. Can I at least help you catch Shawshank before she finds a gap? What does she like – toys, food?”
“Running. Honestly. She’s not much bothered by food, I’ve tried bribing her with everything from dog food and cheese to smoked salmon and steak. She’ll wear herself out eventually and need a drink and a snooze. We’ll get her back safe. I wonder how she got out of her kennel this time?”

The answer to this mystery was soon solved. As they walked up to the Kennel block they met Angie who was flapping about. “Over the top! She went over the top of the door, it’s 8 foot for goodness sake. What dog can jump that?” Apparently a very determined one that had dragged a bed over for a leg up. Gordon didn’t know whether to be impressed or slightly scared. “that is one seriously smart dog” he said.  

As Gordon continued on his rounds he pondered. He wondered if Shawshank had been found and returned to her kennel. And he wondered if there was anything he could do to help. And then he had an idea.

Three days later he returned to Scampering Paws.

“Morning gang!” he called cheerfully as he carefully slid himself through the gate, closing it firmly after him. He cast his eye about for an orange streak of dog but saw nothing.

“did you get her back OK?” he asked.

“Yes. Eventually.” Sylvie walked over to him smiling. “She did about 10 very fast laps of the yard, put the fear of God into the chickens (but didn’t catch any, luckily) and then jumped on the stable roof and had a kip in the sun. We got her when she woke up and came down.”

“Wow. She is some dog!”

“She surely is. She’ll be a fair handful to take on though for her new owner. We’re just not sure she’ll ever learn to come back. But it’s early days. She has the nicest nature. We don’t give up!

Is that a parcel for us?”

“Yes.” Said Gordon. “Actually, it’s a gift.”

“A gift? How nice. What is it? Who’s it from?”

“Well, thinking about your gate predicament, I don’t know how much a double gate and fencing will cost. A lot I guess. But I did think that fewer people would have to use the gate (and potentially leave it open), if you had a postbox on the gate. And I know some people in the village that have rather nice ones – Letterbox4You they are. So, I mentioned your predicament to a few of my lovely animal-loving customers on my rounds and we had a bit of a collection. And we got you a letterbox for the gate.”

“Oh my God, that’s amazing! Thank you so much.”

“It’s nothing. Honestly. And I’ll come back after my rounds Saturday and install it for you.”

So as well at the rescue centre being a little bit more escape proof, Gordon also found himself a little further away from temptation not having to walk through the yard each day. However, this was rather locking the door after the horse had bolted. You see his wife decided to join him when he went to attach the letterbox and she rather fell in love with a speedy orange dog that on Saturday was on her best behaviour and dolling out cuddles and looking innocent. So, Shawshank now has a new home to try and escape from and Gordon has banned his wife from ever setting foot in Scampering Paws again.  


The Adventures of Post Man Gordon – The Case of the Missing Keys

The Adventures of Post Man Gordon - The Case of the Missing Keys

Clinton University is an esteemed educational facility and well renowned for its academic success in the Humanities, Arts and Languages. This is what parents reassured themselves with as they wrote out cheques for their offspring. Said offspring were, of course, very interested in the academic side of things but also wanted to be sure that they had rounded education and saw some of the local colour and experienced living away from home for the first time properly. Basically, they wanted to have a good time and make the most of their new-found freedom.

On Oak Street one of the biggest Halls of Residence was managed by Tom. He was a caretaker, facilities manager and all round useful person and staff and students alike were very fond of him. One of his many, many tasks was taking the post from the campus to all the various halls of residence and popping them into the multiple letterboxes in each hall. The students would then, eventually, collect their mail. Tom occasionally felt the need to remind them to do this – most got almost all their correspondence on their phones by one or other method so an actual paper letter was quite a rarity. Tom recalled the days when students would queue up excitedly for their post in the main post room as it was their main connection to home. He remembered one girl had a boyfriend at home who sometimes sent her 12 letters a day! Those were the days, he thought. Now it’s just Facebook and Snap Chat and WhatsApp.  No romance at all.

He also remembered a time when people with a problem would have to book to see him at set times. Now, he had a work mobile and there was no escape from dripping taps, stuck windows and flooding toilets. But he enjoyed his job and often regaled his friend Gordon with tales of what the students had been up to lately. Recent pranks that contravened at least 3 health and safety rules included students dangling out of the window of the 4th floor with a clothes hanger on a string. The idea behind this was to scrape the window beneath and scare the wits out of the occupant of that room who they knew to be watching Poltergeist which was on TV. It worked. There is a wine stain on the ceiling to prove it as she jumped 3 foot in the air whilst clutching a glass of red.

But most days were more mundane.

“I’ve lost my post key” the voice on the other end of the phone said. “It was on my desk and now it’s not. C’nave another one?”

Again, Tom sighed. The students seemed to more or less manage to keep hold of building keys but it was completely beyond them to keep track of the little keys that opened their post boxes.

“This is your third time! I’ll have to charge you if you do it again. They don’t grow on trees you know! What number are you?”

Later in the pub, Tom said to Gordon “I think I might have to start hanging them round their necks you know. Or perhaps they could have them integrated into a suitable piercing?”

“A bit drastic!” Gordon said, “but it must be costing a fortune keep replacing them all the time”

“It is. And in the meantime, while they are on order they keep getting me over with my master key to get them into the post-box. Like I’ve nothing better to do.”


“Did it work?” Gordon asked.

“Did it heck” Tom sighed. “But now instead of just saying they’ve lost it they’re coming up with the most crazy excuses which take me time to listen to. Anything to try and get out of paying.”

“I might have a plan if you think the Uni will go for it”
“Go on. This is driving me nuts. They’re telling me now that a ghost is stealing letterbox keys because of a dead postman or some such. I can’t bear to listen to the garbage anymore. It’s not even that inventive. What happened to young people’s ability to spin a good yarn?”

“I dunno. But how about a combination lock on them.”

“No keys you mean?”

“Well, there’s a master key for you but everyone else has to use a pin, which they set themselves. Letterbox4You sell them made especially.”

“They’d forget the code!”

“Well, possibly. But most of them have a bank card, they manage to remember that”

“hmmm. I like it.  It has to be better”

Tom put his business case to the university and the new, combination lock letter boxes were installed over the next holiday. Tom was still to be seen running about the campus, a slave to his phone and the endless list of tasks. But there weren’t quite so many post boxes in need of a spare key of tales of hauntings and mysterious disapearances.

The Adventures of Post Man Gordon – Elvira and The Secluded Mansion

The Adventures of Post Man Gordon - Elvira and the Secluded Mansion

Gordon, our hero postman was doing his Tuesday rounds as normal. He’s interested to see a removal van heading slowly down the road and turning into the drive of Grey Towers, a large and secluded house set well back from the road. He has never delivered any post there. It has been empty for as long as he has been doing this round, so years. “Oh, how exciting” he thinks “how lovely to have new house to deliver to”.

But despite the signs of new arrivals, there is still no post for Grey Towers. Not that week, not the week after or even the week after that. “How very peculiar” Gordon thinks as he passes by without so much as a catalogue for the new arrivals.

It is in fact nearly a month before he spots in his post bag the first letter for Grey Towers. It stands out, not only because it is the first but because it is a handwritten envelope of very expensive paper. The writing is the most beautiful calligraphy and the letter is addressed to Elvira Mortova. Gordon excitedly sets off in his van to complete his rounds, looking forward to his first visit to Grey Towers.

He gets to Grey Towers and sets off down the drive with some anticipation. He’s never actually seen the house itself, the drive is so long you can’t see the building from the road. As he gets to a bend in the drive, he reaches a very new-looking full-height fence and gate between him and the imposing looking house. Pulling to a stop he gets out and walks over to the gate to press the buzzer to go through.

However, either the buzzer is broken, or no one is at home. He presses it a few times with no response.

“Well, that’s a challenge” he muses “I can’t get in to deliver this. I can’t leave it here and neither can I leave a “Sorry I missed you” card as there is nowhere dry to put it. What am I going to do?”

He gives it another moment of thought, tries the buzzer one last time and reasons that he’ll just have to try again tomorrow, he can’t leave anything out in the wet. He pops the beautiful letter on his dashboard and heads off.

The following day, the same thing happens. He buzzes, no one answers, he has to give up.

On day three, he is starting to feel a little bit miffed. This is as cross as Gordon ever gets, nice guy that he is.

On day four, the gate opens!

Gordon gives a little fist pump and scoots back into his van to drive down the remainder of the drive to the house.

As he gets out of his van at the front door, he feels a little nervous. The house really is quite, well, spooky looking. The front door is vast, both in width and height and as he heads towards it, it opens totally silently in front of him.

“er, hello?” he calls tentatively “anyone there?”

“Yes” a voice whispers and a tall, slim woman glides towards him. She’s dressed in a pale floaty outfit and is incredibly pale but has the most entrancing face.
“I’ve got a letter for you” Gordon says, “I’ve had it since Tuesday, but no one answered the buzzer”
“Oh, I am so sorry” the woman whispers “and you’ve been back every day trying to bring it to me. How kind.”
“Just my job, it’s no bother” Gordon says, she really is a stunning woman. The most amazing eyes. He can’t seem to stop looking at them. He could look at them all day he thinks, like a tiger, or maybe a lion….
“I don’t like to be disturbed” the woman was saying. As Gordon snapped himself back to attention.
“Sorry? What? Oh, of course. That’s not a problem but there’s nowhere to put the letters see?”
He was bumbling. He could feel his ears turning pink as she gazed at him calmly.
“May I have it?”
“My letter, Gordon, may I have it?”
“Oh. Yes. God. Sorry. Here” (“How does she know my name? Why can’t I talk in sentences anymore? I feel a bit funny.”)
He hands over the letter and she takes it so gently it is almost as if it floats out of his hand.
“Gate post box” he blurts
“I’m sorry?”
“You need a gate mounted letter box. A post box mounted on the gate? Then I wouldn’t need to buzz, I could just put the post in there and not bother you”
“Oh. Oh, what a lovely idea. I do so dislike interruptions during the day. I sleep a lot you see”
“Yes, that’d do it for sure. Get a letterbox on the gate and you can just get your post whenever. It’d be loads easier for you”
“Why Gordon, thank you. For the letter and that very clever idea. I’ll let you go now.”
“Go? Yes. Oh yes, thank you. I’ll go” and Gordon finds himself back at his van without really remembering moving his feet at any point. The gate opens ahead of him and he heads out shaking his head and considering giving his face a little slap to bring him back into the real world.

As he goes up the drive, he looks in his rear-view mirror and to his utter amazement, sees the gate now has a letter box fixed to the outside of it. That wasn’t there before? It really wasn’t? Was it?


Letterbox4you has won the Feefo Gold Service award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers.

Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded only to those businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine ratings and reviews. Those that meet the high standard, based on the number of reviews they have collected, and their average rating, are awarded. A badge of honour, this accreditation remains unique, as it is based purely on the interactions with verified customers. As all reviews are verified as genuine, the accreditation is a true reflection of a business’ commitment to outstanding service.

Letterbox4you met the criteria of collecting at least 50 reviews between January 1st 2017 and December 31st 2017, with a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 5.0.

Dominic, Letterbox4you commented: “It’s a real honour to receive this award from Feefo. To be recognised for delivering exceptional experiences to our customers is a great achievement. We’ve been working hard to ensure our customers receive the best service possible, and being able to listen, understand and respond to their needs has enabled us to improve our offering in 2017. We’re looking forward to another successful year ahead.”

Speaking on this year’s award, Andrew Mabbutt, CEO at Feefo, commented: ‘The Trusted Service award has always been about recognising those companies that go the extra mile. Once again, we have seen many incredible businesses using Feefo to its full potential, to provide truly memorable experiences for their customers – and rightly being awarded with our most prestigious accreditation. I look forward to the continual success of the businesses that work in partnership with Feefo throughout 2018.’

Feefo is a ratings and reviews, and customer analytics platform that provides the tools to collect genuine, purchase-verified reviews on behalf of over 4,000 businesses. Feefo ensures that all feedback is authentic, by matching it to a legitimate transaction; this is in order to increase consumer confidence, and combat the rising issue of fake reviews.

New Secure Letterboxes In Antique Colours

External Wall Letter Box

SDG2 Wall mounted external postbox (All Variants)

We have been supplying secure letterboxes for over five years. During that time we have expanded our selection of letterboxes. These range from our individual wall letter box to the ever-growing options for multiple occupancy letterboxes.

One of the values we pride ourselves on is ensuring we provide customers with the perfect product for their needs. We now stock over fifty different products and have a variety of colour options available.

We have recently received a new shipment of letterboxes. These have been specially designed for us with a range of antique colours to fit in beautifully with different homes.

The SDG2 is one of these new products. This sturdy, secure letterbox is built for practical use and features a top letter flap so that depositing post is a breeze for your postman.

The External Wall Letter Box SDG2 has one of the largest range of colour variations available, we currently stock seven colour variations. These include the standard black and white variations, as well as the unique hand-painted Rose Cottage editions both available in black and white. I am also excited to say that we have three new unique colour variations available for the SDG2 and certain letterboxes. These variations include Antique Blue, Antique Grey and our popular Antique Green secure letterbox.

Having seen these colours, I personally believe that offering this larger choice one of the best decisions we’ve made. They are very elegant looking and the antique colours will fit in with many house fronts.

Every day hundreds of houses are being planned and built, some are a traditional brickwork front but increasingly developments feature glass and wood. We think it’s key that we can provide a secure post box that fits each customer’s house specification whether it has been built recently or been around for some time, whether traditional or modern in style.

We think you’ll be delighted with our extensive range of secure letterboxes models and colours. We also think that you’ll enjoy your experience with us as we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service.

First Impressions

Where is the best place to work? LETTERBOX4YOU

Wall mounted hand painted letterbox

Wall mounted decorative letterbox with Rose Cottage design

I have only recently started working at letterbox4you but within the short time I have worked there I have fallen in love with the job. Whether it’s helping customers with their enquiries or doing coffee runs to keep everyone happy the job is constantly keeping me entertained. It has gotten to the stage that if there is no postbox in sight then something is very wrong. From the first step through the door you are greeted by a variety of mail boxes which is a lovely sight till you walk into one. Ouch!

I’m Daniel by the way I have only just finished college and now I am at letterbox4you enjoying every minute of it. Everyone is very friendly and we always are laughing, normally at Dominic’s cheesy jokes. The atmosphere is really something that can’t be described. From a customer’s point of view I can personally say that I have a lot more respect for people packaging products. Each product that leaves has a unique story from a wall mounted post box to a simple letter plate. They receive the uttermost care ensuring your product gets to you safely and in one piece.

Everything is watched over by Dominic’s dog Amber. She ensures we always are working and never napping, shame the rules don’t apply to her. Overall I have to say Letterbox4you is the best place I have worked at so far. Not many people can say they like going to work, even fewer can say that the boss gets cake for the staff.

I think having a good job is very important but it is very rare that you have a nice job and nice staff, it is normally one or the other. Many of the staff have to do school runs in the morning so it’s quite nice to have a generous start time. Everyone starts the day with a hot drink of some kind and normally a breakfast bar.

Whilst mail boxes are not the most interesting product in the world it definitely is important to ensuring that you have a secure place that you can store your personal mail and post in a lockable post box. Before starting I was only aware of there being one type of letterbox which was just post boxes for sale.Little did I know that there were hundreds of designs from large letterboxes to small letterboxes each with a different design and in a variety of colours?

I’m sure by now you have a good idea of what it is like at Letterbox4you on a daily basis and hopefully have a better understanding of what goes into any order that leaves Letterbox4you.