Changing The World One Letter Flap At A Time

Posted on by Dominic Poznanski
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A great post box is a combination of good design and high quality materials but you also want to buy from an organisation with excellent manufacturing and supply processes. Our philosophy is that a good physical product cannot exist without good customer service before and after purchase. Real people with real passion and knowledge about letterboxes. People who won’t try to sell you something but to give you as much information as possible so that you can make your own decision.

We have noticed that we sell more than our competition because we do not start conversations with our clients by asking them about their budgets. We first try to establish their needs and suggest 2-3 choices that fit their requirements. We take them through their options, talking about locations and security needs. Price is the last part of the process.

We also try to ensure that our customers know that they can count on us after the purchase. We put our contact details on all our marketing materials, order confirmations, invoices etc. There is nothing more annoying than having to hunt around a website to find a company’s contact details. It’s even more annoying to then only have an email option! Our phone number is prominently displayed on the top of our page. No call centres, no “press 1 for sales, 2 for this, 3 for that” just real people that you can talk to pretty much all the time (except for the rare occasion when everyone is on calls with other customers and there is physically no one to pick up the phone except Amber the office dog!).

I really believe that we are doing a great job with prioritising our customer service. For the last 6 years it has provided us with an amazing rate of growth and what’s even more important it’s earned us a Gold Customer Service Award by Feefo three years in a row. Now this is something to be proud of!

Dominic- Founder