Communal Post Boxes for Student Accommodation

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Communal Letterboxes for Student Accommodation

Communal wall mounted post boxesThe quality and availability of student accommodation is a factor influencing prospective students’ decisions on which university to attend. Whilst bold décor and en-suite bathrooms make an impact, other practical details need to be considered. One of these is having secure apartment mailboxes for letter and parcel deliveries.

The Appeal of Student Accommodation for Developers

In cities including Bristol, Brighton, Cardiff and Glasgow, the demand for university places is outstripping the availability of student accommodation. With limited land for new builds, many developers are exploring the option of renovating existing properties.

The predictability of income is one reason why student accommodation appeals to developers and landlords. Demand is high and most tenants remain for the entire academic year. Contracts are signed months in advance, there is the opportunity to open rooms up to tourists in the summer and voids are low.

Renovating Buildings for Student Accommodation

Recently, plans to transform The Cape Horner, a derelict pub in Swansea, into university accommodation sounded like the ultimate student dream, however, plans were rejected. There were fears around integration with the neighbouring community.

In other redevelopments, community integration has been central to the project. An example is Béton House, Park Hill in Sheffield. This Brutalist concrete multi-occupancy building was built in the late 1950s. It has been redesigned to provide affordable accommodation for students and first-time buyers. Original features have been retained and restored, including a glass mosaic, the colours of which have inspired the colour palette for student rooms.

In London, Bravura House is a stunning extension and renovation of a London residential property, specifically for music students. The redesign incorporates a sound-proof rehearsal room, a naturally light study, communal and private spaces.

One pub that did become student accommodation was the Angel Inn in Oxford. The building had been owned and rented out by Oxford University from the 14th Century, but was transformed into student digs in 1935.

Each of these renovations is unique, but all have to consider the specific needs of multi-occupancy living. They need to offer elements of privacy for those who cohabit. One of those needs is met by the installation of secure, communal mailboxes.

Secure, Multi-occupancy Mailboxes

In student accommodation or a multi-occupancy apartment, mailboxes are typically installed into the entrance foyer. Here, they are easy to access by postal workers and couriers and convenient for students to collect their post when passing. They just have to remember the key!

When internal space is limited, outdoor post boxes, positioned near the entrance, are an option.

Letterbox4you supplies letterboxes for flats and student accommodation. We prioritise quality, with each mailbox being made from robust materials and including security features. Any number of these can be configured into an external casing to provide a uniform and stylish group of communal letterboxes.

The design of your student accommodation may lend itself to a bright letterbox colour or a subtle grey. It is also possible to combine colours to make the internal or external post boxes an eye-catching feature. Each box can be personalised with the room number or student name.

The increase in parcel deliveries has driven up interest in our parcel post box range. A single, large capacity parcel post box is often requested to sit alongside communal letterboxes. We can supply solutions that provide safe storage of larger packages. This saves students having to visit the mailroom or sorting office to pick up their deliveries.

All of our letterbox range comes with at least a 1-year warranty. We appreciate that there is a greater risk of keys getting lost or boxes getting damaged in student accommodation. Where possible, we look to provide replacement parts. As an example, if a letter flap is broken off, we would aim to send a new flap. This saves the work and cost of replacing the entire letterbox.

Whether you are involved in the development of a new student residence or a renovation, it’s useful to know that letterbox companies receive a peak in orders in June and July, in preparation for the next cohort of students. We are taking orders now, so for favourable lead times and maximum choice, beat the rush!

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