First Impressions

Posted on by Dominic Poznanski
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Where is the best place to work? LETTERBOX4YOU

Wall mounted hand painted letterbox

Wall mounted decorative letterbox with Rose Cottage design

I have only recently started working at letterbox4you but within the short time I have worked there I have fallen in love with the job. Whether it’s helping customers with their enquiries or doing coffee runs to keep everyone happy the job is constantly keeping me entertained. It has gotten to the stage that if there is no postbox in sight then something is very wrong. From the first step through the door you are greeted by a variety of mail boxes which is a lovely sight till you walk into one. Ouch!

I’m Daniel by the way I have only just finished college and now I am at letterbox4you enjoying every minute of it. Everyone is very friendly and we always are laughing, normally at Dominic’s cheesy jokes. The atmosphere is really something that can’t be described. From a customer’s point of view I can personally say that I have a lot more respect for people packaging products. Each product that leaves has a unique story from a wall mounted post box to a simple letter plate. They receive the uttermost care ensuring your product gets to you safely and in one piece.

Everything is watched over by Dominic’s dog Amber. She ensures we always are working and never napping, shame the rules don’t apply to her. Overall I have to say Letterbox4you is the best place I have worked at so far. Not many people can say they like going to work, even fewer can say that the boss gets cake for the staff.

I think having a good job is very important but it is very rare that you have a nice job and nice staff, it is normally one or the other. Many of the staff have to do school runs in the morning so it’s quite nice to have a generous start time. Everyone starts the day with a hot drink of some kind and normally a breakfast bar.

Whilst mail boxes are not the most interesting product in the world it definitely is important to ensuring that you have a secure place that you can store your personal mail and post in a lockable post box. Before starting I was only aware of there being one type of letterbox which was just post boxes for sale.Little did I know that there were hundreds of designs from large letterboxes to small letterboxes each with a different design and in a variety of colours?

I’m sure by now you have a good idea of what it is like at Letterbox4you on a daily basis and hopefully have a better understanding of what goes into any order that leaves Letterbox4you.