Landlords: why letterbox security matters

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Landlords need to make sure they provide their tenants with adequate and secure letterbox facilities for a number of important reasons.

Developers, too, must ensure they work with buyers of flats to ensure residents have the right facilities for receiving their post.

With most people out all day at work, it's important for there to be somewhere safe and secure for their mail. Tenants will be straight on the phone if things start to go missing. They may even look elsewhere if they are worried about security.

Usually the best option is to source multi-occupancy letterboxes that feature a secure lock and key system. These will make sure tenants' post does not go missing or is simply left at the bottom of the stairwell.

They are also easy to install and come with a number of benefits for landlords/developers. Sizes vary and buyers can even order made-to-measure letterboxes for the spot they decide to place them.

Developers can select mailboxes that fit narrow corridors or letterboxes that are large enough to accept small packages.

Anything that helps keep tenants happy and their post secure will be welcome and reduce time-consuming conflicts and complaints.

Failing to provide a secure letterbox could be classed as negligent and ultimately cost landlords or developers even more in the long run.

"Multi-occupancy addresses, such as flats and halls of residences, are often targeted by criminals as mail in these places is often left insecurely," says the Association of Residential Letting Agents.

"Make sure your letterbox or place where your mail is left for you is secure and cannot be accessed by anyone else."

Ultimately, secure multi-occupancy letterboxes are a sensible investment and wise precaution against potential criminal activity.

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