Why Our Post Boxes For Flats Are Number One

Posted on by andy
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Multiple wall mounted letterboxes E1

It’s been over 4 years since we started supplying our wall mounted communal letterboxes E1 to our clients. Through all these years thousands of tenants used them, some of them less gentle than others. Our E1 letterboxes served as communal letterboxes for flats in high end developments, council estates, commercial offices and even army barracks.

I recently tried to analyse why these letterboxes proved so popular, in many cases winning in direct contest with multiple letterboxes put forward by our competitors.

And it occurred to me that I don’t remember the case of any of our E1 letterboxes coming back to us with problems you hear about every day. No faulty flaps, no faulty doors, no failing locks! The number one reason being extremely reliable letterboxes!

I also almost immediately remembered one of our regular clients- a large housing association from London. They started buying our letterboxes to replace current mailboxes. They said it’s because of the design of our letter slots, which makes our product much safer and reducing the amount of mail theft in their properties, awesome!

Finally, I turned around and look at our warehouse. Nicely stacked straight rows of multiple post boxes in black, white, light grey and dark grey colours. Ready for next day delivery! Of course! How many letterboxes suppliers in the UK can dispatch 100 letterboxes with next day delivery? Almost all of them advertise 3-4 weeks lead time. You can order some of ours at 11.00am and receive them 9.30 am next day, brilliant!

And to top it off, I’ve looked at our reviews, some from ours most regular clients and it all made sense:

With regards to the level of service which you have provided so far, this is something which I can comment on immediately from a Procurement perspective. I have nothing but praise & gratitude for the way that our enquiries have been dealt with by yourself and as a result to date you have achieved a 100% success rate in converting our enquiries in to orders. Also, the delivery lead times have been not only very reasonable but have been adhered to if not exceeded on all occasions.”