Brown Paper Void Fill Recycled Packing Paper (85gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm)

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The 3 Different Paper Grades

  • Brown Paper 85gsm – 200mm x 290mm
  • Brown Paper 90gsm – 330mm x 200mm
  •  Brown Paper 100gsm – 500mm x 150mm



Suitable for

The paper has been designed to help companies find economical and effective packing materials. This the same paper we use when we ship our boxes which ensures the customer receives their product with the correct amount of cushioning to eliminate the risk of damage.


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Strong packing paper, ideal to use for wrapping fragile items or void fill when packing boxes.  Can be used flat to wrap items or as the roll has no core, the paper is easy to pull from the centre ready to use as filler, so no expensive dispenser is required!  The paper is available in 3 different sizes 85gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm. It will quickly fill any gaps and cushion your items during shipping, a very cost-effective way to protect goods.
A great alternative to loose fill materials with less mess and less storage space needed.