Room for more letters – high capacity letterbox

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Letterbox4you are pleased to bring to market a new through the wall letterbox with high volume capacity.

Following demand for a through the wall product that could contain high mail capacity, with added security features, Letterbox4you worked with the manufacturer to bring to market a specific new letterbox to fit this criteria.

The telescopic design of this high capacity letterbox ensures it fits through any wall depth from 204mm to 358mm. The flap accommodates mail and bulky envelopes up to A4 in size. The large storage unit ensures that post is kept secure, even for those who receive high volumes of mail.

The key security feature is the angle from the flap to the storage compartment, and the length of the letterbox chute, ensuring post cannot be retrieved the way it is put in.

Retrieving the mail is achieved easily via a secure lock mechanism. The back of the letterbox unlocks with the key provided, opening down to enable you to access your mail.

This high capacity through the wall letterbox is available in black, white, and copper.

For further details, and the technical specification, visit: Rolle through the wall high capacity letterbox.