We are changing the world one letter flap at a time – but what will you be having delivered to yours?

Posted on by Dominic Poznanski

At a time where we are told to ‘distance’ ourselves every day, the team here are receiving lots of emails and calls about whether or not your gifts will fit into our parcel boxes. A gift to a friend to remind them you’re there for them or a small reminder to family that you’re thinking of them; whatever the scenario, we are in a position where many don’t want to have to open the door to greet the postman or queue at the sorting office to collect their missed goodies! And what could be a better way to raise someone’s spirits than sending something wonderful and thoughtful through the mail.  Flowers are always a lovely treat, but there are so many more gifts available by post now that you can tailor your gift so that it is perfect for the recipient.  And don’t forget, if you can’t go to the shops that you usually buy your own little luxuries and treats from, they might be available to be delivered to your door.

Whether you already have a parcel box or are curious about whether it could be the right choice for you, we hope this feature helps to show what you could have delivered without even being home! We have sketches, dimensions and capacity in litres on our product pages, but none of this truly clarifies whether your new bag will be able to be delivered or whether you will come home to it ‘safely delivered’ behind your bins!

Don’t panic! We are going to do the research for you, we will be finding all the best gift boxes and letterbox hampers that our parcel boxes can hold and maybe a few pieces that can fit through a letter flap too. Most letterboxes don’t really have the depth to take a parcel and industry standard anti-theft features while keeping your mail safe from prying hands will restrict the space available. So, if you regularly receive parcels, a parcel box is surely the way to go. Here, at Letterbox4you HQ, we love everything to do with letterboxes and parcel boxes, we already have our favourites that we turn to when we need to send a special gift through the mail. So, as well as introducing you to those, we will do our best to hunt out some of the best of the rest on offer. If you have a gift service that you know always raises a smile, be sure to let us know.

So welcome to our new series! Keep an eye out for what’s coming soon to find out all of the exciting things that will fit in your parcel box…