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Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy life to read about our latest achievements and plans. I’d like to update you about some improvements to existing products and to tell you about some new ideas that we are working on. Truthfully, I’ve been inspired by reading Elon Musk’s Biography and I’m very excited because although we may not be Tesla or SpaceX, we have the same ethos at heart! I really believe that running a successful business and becoming one of the best UK suppliers of letterboxes requires a huge amount of invention and creation, rather than just following trends and doing what everyone else is doing.

As you probably know, we work only with one manufacturer at the moment, and although we have been approached by several suppliers from other countries we’ve decided that we will stick to letterboxes manufactured in Europe. Our focus will be mainly on improving existing product lines, strengthening our brand and creating products designed especially for our UK customers.

We are very excited to be able to tell you that they are few designs in the final stages - with samples being manufactured as we speak. Of course, they won’t be brought to market before we are 100% sure that we can give you a high-quality product. Please feel free to visit our new product pages and pass on your feedback, we would love to have your input into the specifications and features of our products. Here are some of the products we are currently working on:

100 Key Cabinet – designed with and for estate agents, property management companies, and any organisations storing and managing multiple sets of keys.

Rear Retrieval Communal Telescopic Letterboxes- single modules of regulated depth which can be built into larger sets, allowing them to be used in various applications.

Wall Mounted Communal Letterboxes with Combination Lock-  designed for student accommodation but suitable for any multi-occupancy residential or commercial building.

We’re innovating all the time so watch this space! We will be in touch when these projects are nearing completion and we can show you more details.

Thank you for reading

Dominic- Founder & Director at Letterbox4you