How do I Stop Draughts Through the Letterbox?

Posted on by Dominic Poznanski
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With energy bills skyrocketing, it’s never been more important to find ways to keep our homes warm and cosy. A common issue is cold air making its way inside through the letterbox, if this is an issue in your home, we explore the options for stopping that draught.

Doors and windows are two areas of our homes where cold air can infiltrate and warm air can escape. There can be a particular issue with letterboxes; an obvious gap in our front doors. Through the winter months, we want to optimise energy efficiency and this means understanding how to stop draughts coming through the letterbox.

Option One – Minimise Gaps in the Letterbox & Door

In some homes, the letterbox is simply a gap in the door with a front plate. If mail is wedged in, the plate can be held open, allowing cold air to blow in.

By installing brushes inside the gap and a second letter flap on the rear of the door, you can greatly reduce this issue. Check that existing and new fittings are correctly installed, to minimise gaps.

Whilst addressing this issue, you may also want to consider adding a keyhole cover to the inside door. These push to one side when you want to lock or unlock the door. Also, using a draught excluder strip around the door frame will tighten the seals.

Finally, your interior design could include a stylish draught excluder at the base of the door and/or a thick curtain which you can pull across in the evenings.

Option Two – Seal the Letterbox

Another option is to seal up the front door letterbox and buy an external post box for your mail.

For solid wooden doors, it is possible to remove the letter flap, cut a block of wood to the dimensions of the gap and slide it in place. Filler, sanding, primer and paint can blend this alteration in with the rest of the door.

For composite or UPVC doors, it is advisable to use a clear sealant to stick the internal and external letter plates down. A block of insulation of wood to fill the gap will aid energy efficiency.

Then it is a case of selecting and installing an external letterbox. These come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours, so you can find the best match for your property and budget. Choose between free standing, gate mounted and wall mounted external post boxes for houses. Ours are supplied with standard fitting kits.

New Front Door: Forget the Letterbox!

If you have plans to purchase a new front door, you might want to include a knocker, house number or doorbell, but forget the letterbox. Your home will be more energy efficient without it.

Keeping Homes Warm & Secure

In addition to helping keep your home warm, an external letterbox will enhance the security of your property. It reduces the risk of someone using this as a point of access for tools which can be used to reach for keys and other valuables.

All European-manufactured external post boxes have to include anti-theft features and include robust locks. As a result, your mail is safe in the hold until you unlock it with the key.

Stay Warm this Winter

The ideas in this article are DIY options for draught-proofing your home. We hope they help you stay warm this winter.

For further information on any of our external post box options, please get in touch with Letterbox4you on 01296 389401.