Anti Theft Baffle Restrictor for Individual Letterboxes ATB-01

£12.99 (inc VAT)

EAN: 5060980510727 SKU: DAMATB01IND Category:

30 cm or 25 cm width
4.4 cm depth

  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
  • Easy to fit
  • Powder-coated galvanised steel
  • Rust-resistant, durable design

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Letterboxes for houses are designed to limit access through the letter plate, however, some of our customers are looking to heighten the security features.

In response, we have designed a retrofit solution. Our powder-coated galvanised steel baffle is an affordable way to upgrade your existing post box to an anti theft post box.

This DIY solution can be fitted to the inside of any letterbox with an internal folded edge. It restricts access, so mail can only be retrieved by the person with the key to the locked hold.

Is our anti theft baffle suitable for your letterbox?

This is a universal solution, that is suitable for any letterbox with a min 10mm folded edge extending inwards from the opening. The baffle will slide onto this folded strip of metal.

If your letterbox has no fold or a fold of less than 10mm, this solution isn’t suitable. Equally, the thickness of the metal must be 1mm to ensure a good fit.

How to fit your anti theft baffle restrictor

The baffle can be pushed onto the folded metal edge so the profile graduates up or down. We recommend testing both options to check that it doesn’t impede mail delivery.

When you are happy with the direction, apply a quick-drying adhesive to the folded edge. Ensure the adhesive that is suitable for use on powder-coated metal. Then slide the baffle on and into position.

Once dried, the baffle will hold securely in place, restricting access to your mail.

A universal, retro-fit anti theft letterbox solution

It doesn’t matter if you purchased your post box from us or another supplier, you can upgrade it to an anti theft letterbox with our baffle restrictor. This robust solution is rust resistant, so suitable for use with external post boxes.