Wall Mounted Post Box Large Locking Weatherproof Cast Aluminium – Europa Maxi

£109.99 (inc VAT)

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  • Correspondence suitable: A4 and C4
  • Height: 390mm
  • Width: 290mm
  • Depth:100mm
  • Capacity: 11L
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Dimensions of letter slot: 30mm x 215mm
  • Colours: Black, Dark Grey, Red

  • Secure cylinder lock with 2 keys supplied
  • Suitable for A4 letters
  • Includes pre-drilled holes at the rear and supplied with our standard fixing kit
  • Weather & Rust resistant die-cast aluminium
  • Top loading letter flap
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Europe
Tips & Instructions
A few tips:

  • Fixing instructions: Your letterbox is pre-drilled, and comes with a fixing kit included, however because of the variety of different wall types, we cannot always provide the exact fixings required for your wall. Please first identify the type of wall you intend to fix your letterbox to and then ensure the fixing kit provided is suitable.
  • An additional instruction sheet for fitting your letterbox is available to download here.

Click here to download instructions

  • Keys are attached inside the letter flap of your letterbox for dispatch, please keep them somewhere safe until your letterbox is installed and ready for use


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The Cast Aluminium Large Post Box Europa Maxi: Italian Craftsmanship and Design Excellence from Bologna

Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Italian design with the Cast Aluminium Large Post Box Europa Maxi from Letterbox4You. Crafted in the historic city of Bologna, Italy, this post box embodies the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship and the artistry that has shaped the world of design.

From the Renaissance to modern-day, Italy has been synonymous with creating exquisite and aesthetically pleasing objects. Drawing inspiration from this storied legacy, the Europa Maxi Post Box showcases Italian design excellence at its finest. The sleek and elegant lines, combined with the attention to detail, reflect the ingenuity and passion of Italian designers throughout history.

Produced in Bologna, a city renowned for its architectural grandeur and creative spirit, the Europa Maxi Post Box encapsulates the essence of Italian design. Bologna’s reputation as a hub of creativity and innovation has influenced generations of artists, designers, and artisans. By bringing this post box into your home, you’re embracing a piece of Bologna’s design heritage and inviting a touch of Italian sophistication into your daily life.

Beyond its captivating design, the Europa Maxi Post Box offers exceptional functionality and durability. Crafted from high-quality cast aluminium, it is built to withstand the elements, providing long-lasting protection for your mail and parcels. The spacious interior ensures ample storage capacity, accommodating large envelopes and packages with ease. With its secure lock mechanism and thoughtfully designed retrieval door, accessing your mail has never been easier or more convenient.

Indulge in the elegance and craftsmanship of the Cast Aluminium Large Post Box Europa Maxi. As you adorn your home’s exterior with this Italian masterpiece, you become a custodian of Italian design history. From the timeless beauty of ancient Rome to the cutting-edge creations of modern-day Italian designers, you are embracing a legacy of excellence that spans centuries.

Experience the seamless integration of style, functionality, and Italian heritage with the Cast Aluminium Large Post Box Europa Maxi from Letterbox4You. Elevate your home’s entrance with a touch of Italian sophistication, knowing that you have chosen a product that embodies the spirit of Bologna’s design legacy. Discover the artistry and passion behind Italian craftsmanship and create a lasting impression with this extraordinary post box.

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