Replacement Cam Lock


Replacement lock


Suitable for
LetterboxesType of LocksType of Blank Keys
E1, E1S, E6 and MTZType 1 LockType 1 Key
E2, E3, E5 and E4Type 2 LockType 2 Key
W1, W2, W2N, W3, W3-1, W3-2, W3-3, W3-4, W3-5, W3-6 and ROLLEType 3 LockType 3 Key
SM, SMN and MurettoType 4 LockType 4 Key
SD2T, SO2, SO2T and GAVIAType 5 LockType 5 Key
SD, SD MINI, SD3, SD3T, SD5, SD5TType 6 LockType 6 Key
SDG1, SDG2, W4, W5 and TONALEType 7 LockType 7 Key
WA1Type 8 LockType 8 Key

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Suitable as a replacement lock on a Letterbox4you letterbox, supplied with two keys. In stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

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