Black Mailbox Story

Black Letterboxes- Why Are They So Popular ?

Admittedly, it was always one of those questions bugging me a lot, why are our customers buying mostly black letterboxes and only sporadically other colours? Despite the fact that we have always attempted to have a wide choice of colours on our website, a black mailbox is always the favourite. Rain or shine, summer or winter, this is what sells. So as with every business, we had to admit that we need to cater to our clients and if they want black, then black they will get. All over our website, in every category, whether you are looking for a wall mounted, gate or through the wall product, we have mailboxes in black in all departments. There are some in a glossy, shiny finish, some in matt, some in cast aluminium and some powder coated. All you need to do is to pick your type, shape and size and rest assured that your favourite letterbox will come in black.

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