Role: Part-Time Estimator/Sales Support Executive

Core Values

  • OK Is Not Enough: Strive for the best results and never be satisfied with the status quo. Always think, “Can I do it better?”
  • Passion in All We Do: Show passion for our business and your job. This will be the foundation to build something great.
  • Be an Expert: Be the person of knowledge and expertise in your field, the one everyone turns to for help and guidance.
  • Changes Lead to Greatness: Embrace changes, ask for them, and drive them. It’s the only way to build a truly great organisation.
  • Success Built on Contribution: We cannot make it happen without your contribution. Show every day that you are instrumental to our growth and success.
  • Fun and Positivity Start with You: Bring a smile and a positive attitude to work each day, and those around you will respond positively to you.

You might wonder why our job description starts with our Core Values. The answer is this: if you read them all and realise they perfectly describe you and the person you aspire to be, you’ve just passed the first stage of our recruitment process. We hire and fire by our core values; they are at the heart of our business. This should also give you an idea of who we are and whether we’re the right place for you.

Who We Are

Letterbox4you started as a humble dream in 2012 and has since emerged as one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of individual and communal post boxes. We’re recognised for our prestigious client base and commitment to excellence. At our heart, we’re a family, united by strong values, dedicated to quality, and committed to outstanding customer service. Our workplace is a blend of flexibility and fun, upholding professionalism in an inspiring atmosphere. Our team’s passion for driving success and excellence in everything we do is what truly sets us apart.

Cover Letter

Please include a cover letter with your application, answering the questions below. We want to know you better before we invite you to the next stage. Your answers will also allow us to assess your writing skills, crucial for this role. Our Estimators/Sales Support Executive plays a vital role in our sales process, dealing with our clients daily in writing and over the phone. Please note that we will not consider any applications without the cover letter and these answers. Such applications will be automatically rejected.

  1. What does ‘going the extra mile’ mean to you in a professional and personal context?
  2. Can you describe a project or activity you are passionate about, and how that passion influenced the outcome?
  3. How do your values and working style align with our culture?

Attention to Details: This role demands exceptional attention to detail when interacting with our customers. You’ll need to thoroughly understand their needs, ask additional questions if necessary, and provide error-free, suitable solutions. In your cover letter, please mention our secret word “banana”. This isn’t just a quirky request; it’s a way for us to know you’ve paid close attention. By avoiding generic applications, you show us that you’ve seen something special in our opportunity, just as we hope to see something special in you.

Qualifications and Skills:

Let’s talk more about the nitty-gritty of this role. Remember, it is far more important to us that we know you are willing to learn and that you are excited about the opportunity and the type of responsibilities you will be performing.

  • Ability or potential to understand and collaborate effectively with customers, focusing on accurately identifying and meeting their needs.
  • Adept at or showing a willingness to learn how to handle tasks requiring precision, especially under tight deadlines.
  • Capable of or eager to learn about maintaining and processing data for precise, competitive quotations.
  • A proactive approach with a strong desire to learn and grow within the role.


  • Customer Collaboration: Work closely with customers to understand and meet their specific needs.
  • Quotation Development: Generate precise quotations, ensuring customer satisfaction and adherence to deadlines.
  • Supplier Coordination: Manage supplier relationships to ensure product availability and optimal pricing.
  • Data Processing and CRM Management: Efficiently process data for accurate quotes and utilize CRM systems for tracking customer interactions.
  • Responsive Communication: Address customer queries promptly and professionally.
  • Team Collaboration: Work in synergy with the Operations Team to ensure efficient procurement and operational effectiveness.
  • Service Excellence: Uphold and exceed our standards of customer service.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor and contribute to personal and team KPIs for continuous growth.


This part-time role is based in an office environment, with our business operating hours from 9.30 am to 5 pm. We’re looking for the ideal candidate who can commit to a morning start. Flexibility is key, as we’re open to discussing how you spread the minimum of 20 hours per week across different days. Additionally, there’s potential for expanding these hours in the future or considering additional hours as per business needs and your availability.

Compensation and Perks:

  • Competitive Salary: Earn £23,000 – £25,000 pro-rata per year, part-time, in a role where your growth is our priority.
  • Additional Leave: We value work-life balance – enjoy extra leave to recharge and pursue your passions.
  • Relaxed Dress Code: Embrace your individuality with our casual dress code.
  • Convenient On-site Parking: No more parking hassles – we’ve got you covered.
  • Private Medical Insurance: Your health matters to us; enjoy the peace of mind with comprehensive medical insurance.
  • Dynamic Bonus Scheme: Your hard work and contributions are not just appreciated, they’re rewarded. We keenly observe and celebrate your continuous progress with a bonus scheme that recognises your impact on our business.

Join us at Letterbox4you, where we don’t just offer a job, but a journey of growth, recognition, and reward. Your progression paves the way for our shared success!