Tocco Di Italia Jumbo Banked Letterbox

 Jumbo 3Jumbo 4Jumbo 5Jumbo 6Jumbo 8Jumbo 10
Height (mm)395515640393517641
Width (mm)405405405560560560
Depth (mm)260260260340340340
LetterPlate364 x 100364 x 100364 x 100250 x 100250 x 100250 x 100
Letterslot323 x 30323 x 30323 x 30230 x 30230 x 30230 x 30
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Lockable with two keys per post box
  • Electrogalvanized sheet steel body epoxy powder cast-iron grey painted
  • Rust-resistant and Weather Proof
  • Doors available in Red, Green, White, Dark Grey, Bronze and Anodised Aluminium
Suitable for
  • Indoor and Sheltered Outdoors

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The Tocco Di Italia Jumbo is only available on pre-order. Please contact us to order.

The Tocco Di Italia Jumbo is the newest addition in our collection of Communal Letterboxes. The casing is Dark Grey and the doors come in 6 colour options; Dark Grey, Silver, White, Bronze, Red and Grey. There is also a range of bank size; 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10. It will add an Italian flair to suit any space. The Tocco Di Italia Jumbo is for internal or external sheltered use. It can be wall-mounted or recess mounted.

Each letterbox comes with two keys and a slot to put in flat numbers or business names.


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