Cactus by Post!! Who would have thought???

Posted on by Pauline Steele

Delta M Parcel box with Cactus club deliveryOur Delta M is a new version of our larger parcel box and what better way to test it out than with a beautiful gift box from Barry’s Cactus Club!
Not only is a cactus the perfect contactless gift for anyone, it comes with some lovely extras! We were all so excited to open this lovely package and we can’t wait to try our homegrown Cucamelons and tomatoes! There is a card in each box with facts about the specific cactus and how to care for your new prickly plant!
We loved that this was so beautifully wrapped and fitted easily into our medium sized parcel boxes! You can subscribe to Barry’s Cactus Club for monthly deliveries from one to 12 months and then look forwards to a delivery of a cactus, unique pot, fact cards, and some mystery extras like seeds or a gorgeous gold cactus pin! The box will be sure to raise a smile from anyone, it certainly had everyone in this office interested to see what was inside and we all thought what a wonderfully unique gift through the post gift idea it would make.

We discovered Barry’s Cactus Club through Oh Deer, who bring together a whole host of amazing gifts and artists for you to choose the perfect gift for a loved one or little treat for yourself.

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Delta M parcel box with Barry's Cactus club contents