How to Choose the Best Parcel Box for Home

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A parcel box provides a secure, convenient option for receiving deliveries when you’re not home. It offers a simple alternative to packages left on the doorstep or taken in by neighbours. With our love for online shopping, a parcel box is becoming a valued asset for any property. However, with many options on the market, how do you choose the best parcel box for home?

Considerations when Selecting a Parcel Box

There are five main considerations when it comes to selecting a parcel box:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Security
  • Quality
  • Service

Let’s explore these in more detail, starting with a frequently asked question.

What Size Parcel Fits into a Parcel Box?

The size of the parcel box opening varies depending on the model. Let us share some examples from our most popular models:


All of these examples enable the delivery of packages and small parcels that wouldn’t fit through a standard UK letterbox, which is limited to 250x35mm.

However, the largest opening option is provided by the Allux 800L, a freestanding parcel box with the capacity to receive deliveries with dimensions up to 390x450x160mm. It is unusual to find a larger opening option than this. That’s because access has to be balanced with security.

In addition to the opening flap, the size of the hold is an important consideration. If you typically receive no more than one package a day and regularly empty the parcel box, a smaller hold is fine. However, you’ll need a higher capacity hold to securely store multiple deliveries.

Where to Locate an Outdoor Parcel Box

Where you install a parcel box also has some bearing on which is the most appropriate model.

A wall mounted outdoor parcel box is typically smaller to ensure it isn’t too heavy to be fixed and held in position. This option takes up minimal space and is usually positioned next to the front door.

Through the gate or wall models have open at the front, which is positioned on one side of the wall or gate. The package slides down a chute into the hold on the other side. These are usually installed on the boundary of a property or in porches.

Freestanding parcel boxes offer the greatest flexibility in positioning, yet take up more space. Some models are supplied with stands, whilst larger models are a single unit with a large hold.

How Secure are Parcel Boxes?

Understandably, a key consideration is security.

Firstly, let me assure you that any parcel box manufactured in Europe has to meet standards for security. These include using robust and durable materials, fitting compliant locks and including anti-theft features. We also supply extra security extended baffle plates, which further restrict access into certain boxes.

If security is a concern, then through the gate or wall solutions can be favourable. This is because there is a barrier between the front of the box and the rear hold access. However, remember that any parcel box for deliveries is more secure than your packages being left on the doorstep!

Which are the Best Quality Parcel Boxes?

Price is always a consideration when making an informed decision, however, we strongly advise that you don’t compare on price alone. Cheaper models are available from China, however, these do not have to comply with the same standards as parcel boxes manufactured in Europe.

Look for products made from corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand the UK climate. Also, check if the parcel box comes with a guarantee. Our parcel box range has all been sourced from specialist European manufacturers. We look for a good balance of functionality and aesthetics, then test security, water resistance and durability.

Customer Service Matters

The final factor in the decision is buying from a reputable company. Letterbox4You is a Feefo Platinum Trusted company, renowned for responsive customer service. Buckinghamshire-based, we pack and dispatch all orders for prompt delivery. Our team are happy to offer advice, is quick to resolve issues, can supply replacement keys and provides a fair returns policy.

If you have any questions about letterboxes or parcel boxes for home installation, give us a call on 01296 839401.

So, the best parcel box for your home is dependent on five key factors. Which one gets your vote?