How does a parcel box work? What is a parcel mail box actually?

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What is a Parcel Mail Box?

A parcel mail box is a practical alternative to the traditional through the door letterbox. With a wider opening flap and secure hold, it allows larger packages and parcels to be delivered when you are not home.

Convenient Parcel Delivery

In the past, letters were the primary form of correspondence. Now, most companies send digital documents, not mail. The deliveries arriving at our door are more likely to be packages and parcels; our online shopping orders.

Some can be squeezed through the letter flap, but many are too big. We’ve all returned home to a ‘Sorry we missed you’ informing us that our parcel is behind the gate, with a neighbour or available to collect the next day. Either that or the parcel is left on the doorstep for all to see.

A parcel mail box reduces this issue. It enables the postie to leave your mail in a dry, secure hold until you are home to retrieve it.

How Does a Parcel Box Work?

Every model of parcel box has a larger opening flap than your standard letterbox, making it possible to post packages and parcels. The parcel drops into the secure hold, where it will remain until you unlock the door. In a time when we value convenience, it ticks the boxes!

Every EU manufactured parcel box has to include anti-theft features. This does limit the maximum size of the opening flap and means that baffle plates, shelves and other details are in place to prevent anyone from reaching in or fishing out your mail.

EU parcel boxes are made from robust materials, most commonly, powder-coated, galvanised steel. This is not easily damaged and offers excellent weather resistance. As such, it protects your deliveries and is a long-lasting solution designed for exterior use.

The boxes are supplied with keys, so you can unlock the hold and remove your items on your return.

What type of Parcel Box for Home Are There?

There are three main options:

  • Through the wall, fence or gate parcel boxes
  • Free standing parcel boxes
  • Wall mounted parcel boxes

Through the Wall, Fence or Gate Parcel Boxes

For our customers, parcel boxes that are designed to be installed through a wall, fence or gate are the most popular option. These comprise a discrete outside flap for deliveries, with the hold hidden out of view. Examples include the Sigma or Sierra for single brick walls.

Through the wall parcel boxes are supplied as two separate parts, one to fix on the outside and the other on the inside. Finishing with a sealant around the edges that moisture can’t ingress and your mail remains dry.

Free Standing Parcel Boxes

Free standing parcel boxes are another great option. Fixed to the ground, they provide the greatest flexibility in terms of location. They also offer the greatest hold capacity; ideal for those who love online shopping. We also supply free standing mailboxes including Zeta, Karl and Allux 800L to small businesses.

Free standing parcel boxes typically include an internal shelf. In some, the shelf slopes, in others it rises and falls with the movement of the opening flap. In both cases, this prevents a big drop into the hold and a layer of security that restricts access.

Wall Mounted Parcel Boxes

For a smaller option, which is secured to an exterior wall, our range includes Delta M, Allux 500 and PaccoBox. These are typically fixed next to the front door or in a porch and each is supplied with a standard fixing kit. The hold is smaller in this style of parcel box, but can still receive several packages.

To optimise the size of the parcel that can be delivered, many wall mounted parcel boxes have a top opening. The postie can simply lift the lid and drop the mail in. Internal features make it difficult to retrieve the delivery unless you have the key to unlock the hold door.

Parcel Boxes for New Developments

Another advantage of an exterior mailbox over a traditional letterbox is energy efficiency. As developers strive to make homes better insulated and homeowners try to keep energy bills low, this cannot be overlooked. A letterbox enables cold drafts in and warm air out, especially if the flap is jammed open by a bulk of mail. Keeping the door solid and installing an exterior parcel box prevents this issue.

UK Parcel Post Box Supplier

Hopefully, you now know what a home parcel box is, how it works, the three main options and why it is suited to modern living. Our website includes a range of styles and sizes, so you can find an external parcel post box to best meet your requirements.

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