Keeping Homes Warm in Winter

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What have Letterboxes, Keyholes & Loft Hatches Got in Common?

Anthracite Grey Wall Mounted Post Box SD5 (2)

Anthracite Grey Wall Mounted Post Box SD5 (2)

From terraced properties to the grandest mansion, our homes share some common features. Letterboxes, keyholes and loft hatches are three of these, but what connects them?

Keeping Homes Warmer and Energy Bills Down

At this time of year, we all want to be warm and cosy. However, the rising cost of our energy bills can make that a challenge. We are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient, so we can turn the thermostat down without getting cold.

Research from Imperial College London has revealed that UK homes are among the least energy efficient in Europe. They lose heat faster and are costing us more to keep warm than homes in neighbouring countries including Germany, France, Norway and Sweden. So what steps can we take to change this?

Energy Efficiency Measures

Some options make a big difference; these include:

  • Switching from gas boilers to air source heat pumps
  • Upgrading windows to triple glazing
  • Fitting renewable technology, such as solar roof panels

Even with Government grants to help with costs, these are major works which many householders would struggle to afford. So, are there any budget-friendly options? Fortunately, there are and this brings us back to letterboxes, keyholes and loft hatches. These are three points in the home where cold draughts enter the home. So, what can we do about it?

External Letterboxes

A large hole through the front door is always going to compromise energy efficiency. Brushes and letter plates on the inside and outside do help, but there is a better option. That is, to fill the gap and install an external letterbox. Free standing and wall mounted post boxes are available, so they can be positioned near the entrance to your home.

All external mailboxes manufactured in Europe have to include a secure hold, anti-theft features and be made from robust materials that ensure weather resistance. Your post is kept safe and dry until you unlock the hold with the key.

Letterbox4you offers a range of post boxes for home, so you can find a style to best suit your property, tastes and budget.

Keyhole Covers

Most DIY stores will supply keyhole covers. These simply screw into place above the keyhole on the inside of the door. They can be pushed out of the way when you need to lock up.

To further reduce draughts, hang a thick curtain above the doorway. This can be moved aside during the day, but pulled across in the evening to keep the warmth in.

Draught Proofing Loft Hatches

The attic space in our home is an area where we lose heat. Adding insulation in the loft reduces this issue, as does adding foam strips around the loft hatch to minimise the flow of air.

Foam strip is widely available in hardware stores and is relatively low cost. It can also be used around doors in the home, particularly the front and back doors, where cold outside air can blow through.

Further advice on draught proofing your home is offered by Which? in the following article:

Warmer this Winter

Other options include insulating hot water pipes with foam tubing, putting reflective panels behind radiators and switching to LED lightbulbs. Each offers a small, low cost and straightforward to install way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. So, letterboxes, locks or loft hatches, what action will you take to keep your home warmer this winter?