Top 10 Post Boxes For UK Homes

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To enhance energy efficiency and security, many homeowners are opting for external post boxes instead of through-the-door letter flaps. From discrete, wall mounted letterboxes to large free standing parcel boxes for home deliveries, we share ten of the best-selling post boxes for home.

Wall Mounted Letterboxes

  1. For modern properties, a minimalist grey, black or two-tone Gavia letterbox provides a neat and discrete lockable post box. The envelope design protects mail from the rain and lifting the flap reveals the slot. This is a great value option, which is supplied with a fixing kit for ease of installation.
  2. Danish in design, the Allux 5000 letterbox is a popular style which offers good capacity and robust weatherproofing. Resilient to the extremes of the European climate, it comes with a 12-year rust and corrosion guarantee. Allux 5000 also features an ultra-secure lock for the hold and a spring-loaded letter flap.

Through the Wall Letterboxes

  1. From the outside, the Rolle through the wall letterbox is a small opening, yet the mail slides into a large hold. Anti-theft features ensure that unintended recipients can’t reach in and retrieve the contents. The hold also means that letters can’t be chewed by the family pet, yet it is easy to unlock and access your post.
  2. For boundary walls, the robust, stainless steel LDD 241 through the wall letterbox is a great solution. The telescopic design offers flexibility with installation. No need for the postie to walk up the driveway, your letters, magazines and papers will be held in the secure, high-capacity hold.

Gate mounted Letterboxes

  1. To maintain the security of your property, many homeowners want to keep the boundary fence or gate closed. Fixing a W3-4 gate mounted letterbox reduces the need for people to enter. Passers-by see a subtle letter plate, yet behind the gate is a large lockable hold, where a week of mail could easily be stored.
  2. A simple, lower-cost option, which fits many customers’ requirements, in the LCD 050 gate mounted letterbox. This is supplied in two parts, for ease of installation, with a finishing seal ensuring weather resistance. Suitable for up to A4 correspondence, this practical design comes with a 2-year warranty.

Free Standing Post Boxes

  1. Some homeowners prefer to fix a free standing post box outside their property. The base plate can be screwed into a variety of ground surfaces and this provides greater flexibility in the positioning. The Gustaf post box can be assembled with a front or rear opening hold, depending on preference.
  2. The popular Allux 5000 letterbox (which was second on our list) can be supplied with a stand in place of a wall mounting kit. There is a selection of black or grey stands, providing a choice of style and height. The tubular 1007 or solid 1001 stands are straightforward to install and, like the letterbox, are a robust and resilient design.

Home Parcel Boxes

  1. If you receive as many parcels as letters, the Sigma parcel box can receive packages up to 80x300x400 in dimension. This design is popular for those looking for a through-the-wall, fence or gate mounted solution. Now your orders can be safely delivered into the large hold, even when you are not home.
  2. Another option to avoid collecting deliveries from the sorting office is the Allux Grundform free standing parcel box. This high-capacity hold can receive multiple online shopping deliveries up to 29x135x360 in size. No more ‘we missed you’ cards through the door or disruptions through the day with this parcel box solution!

European-made Post Boxes

All of our Top 10 letter and parcel boxes are designed and made by specialists in Europe, in accordance with EU quality standards. They have to receive A4 correspondence without bending, be weather resistant,  and have secure locks.

At Letterbox4you, we hold stock of these popular designs in our Buckinghamshire warehouse. This enables us to provide a quick turnaround on orders. If none of these designs fit the bill, take a look at other models in our range of home post boxes.

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