What Size is a Large Letterbox?

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With the convenience of online shopping, more of us are receiving large letters, packages and parcels. Many of these are too large to be letterbox-friendly, so what are the options if we’re looking for a large letterbox?

What Sizes do Letterboxes Come in?

The standard for all European letterboxes is that the opening allows an A4 size envelope to be posted, without bending. This applies to letter slots in the front door and all external letterboxes. It means that your magazines, documents and slimline boxes, up to the size of a Royal Mail Large Letter (max 353 x 250 x 25cm) can be delivered.

The standard through-the-door letter flap is 10 or 12 inches (255 or 305mm) in length. The size of the opening varies slightly, depending on the design. It is further reduced if you have brushes to reduce draughts and with energy costs rising, we all need these!

With external letterboxes, the size of the letter opening can be extended and there is no need for draught protection. So, if you receive more small packages than letters, an outside post box is ideal. They can make life easier for your postie too!

Why is the Size of a Letterbox Opening Limited?

Post Boxes Security Internal Antifishing Baffle

Post Boxes Security Internal Antifishing Baffle

The reason why the dimensions of letter flaps are limited is for security. If you’ve ever tried to reach inside a letterbox, you’ll know that the space is restrictive. As the dimensions increase, it would become easier to force your arm through to grab the mail or other items in reach.

To overcome this issue and extend the dimensions, outdoor post boxes are designed with anti-theft features. These include baffle plates, shelves that lift when the letter slot is opened and angled chutes. For European letterboxes, all anti-theft features are thoroughly tested to ensure that the mail is secure in the locked hold.

What is the Advantage of a Top Opening Outdoor Letterbox?

Wall Mounted Postbox Allux 200 Grey Front Open

Wall Mounted Postbox Allux 200 Grey Front Open

External letterboxes with top openings typically provide the best option if you are looking for a larger letterbox opening. The postie simply lifts the lid and drops the mail in. A couple of examples are the:

Allux 400 Wall Mounted Letterbox – The top opening is 315 x 35mm and this secure mailbox includes a slopping internal feature.

Allux 9000 Wall Mounted Letterbox –The top opening dimensions are 336 x 40mm, which is sufficient for small packages to be delivered. This large letterbox is specially designed to be suitable for use in coastal areas.

Both of these options are designed and manufactured in Denmark and include a lockable front opening for accessing your post. They are made from quality materials to the highest standards and come with a 12-year rust and corrosion guarantee.

Check out our full range of post boxes for houses to find a design, colour and finish to suit your property.

Can you get Parcel Post Boxes for Houses?

Parcel Delivery Frop Box For Home Allux 600

Parcel Delivery Drop Box For Home Allux 600

If you regularly receive small parcels (Royal Mail Size 45 x 35 x 16 cm) then you need something bigger than a large letterbox; a parcel box! For modern lifestyles, these are a practical option, saving you from having deliveries left on the doorstep or thrown over the gate.

As with letterboxes, parcel boxes can be wall mounted or free standing. Here are a couple of options:

PaccoBox Wall Mounted Parcel Box – a compact Italian-designed and manufactured option which can be securely locked once the package is delivered. The maximum capacity for this parcel box is 51 x 36 x 28cm.

Allux 800L Free Standing Parcel Box – This is a large parcel box; ideal if you regularly receive multiple deliveries throughout the day. The opening slot is 45 x 39 x 16cm and there is a large hold for the parcels; your safe place for all those online purchases!

We stock a range of other European-made parcel post boxes in a variety of styles and sizes.

Letterbox Advice & Enquiries

This article offers suggestions for large letterboxes that are suited to modern lifestyles. All can be ordered online and we offer prompt delivery of in-stock items. If you have any questions, please give us a call on 01296 839401.

If you are a building developer, looking for multiple large letterboxes as a finishing touch for your properties, please get in touch to discuss your requirements and lead times.