New Secure Letterboxes In Antique Colours

Posted on by Dominic Poznanski
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External Wall Letter Box

SDG2 Wall mounted external postbox (All Variants)

We have been supplying secure letterboxes for over five years. During that time we have expanded our selection of letterboxes. These range from our individual wall letter box to the ever-growing options for multiple occupancy letterboxes.

One of the values we pride ourselves on is ensuring we provide customers with the perfect product for their needs. We now stock over fifty different products and have a variety of colour options available.

We have recently received a new shipment of letterboxes. These have been specially designed for us with a range of antique colours to fit in beautifully with different homes.

The SDG2 is one of these new products. This sturdy, secure letterbox is built for practical use and features a top letter flap so that depositing post is a breeze for your postman.

The External Wall Letter Box SDG2 has one of the largest range of colour variations available, we currently stock seven colour variations. These include the standard black and white variations, as well as the unique hand-painted Rose Cottage editions both available in black and white. I am also excited to say that we have three new unique colour variations available for the SDG2 and certain letterboxes. These variations include Antique Blue, Antique Grey and our popular Antique Green secure letterbox.

Having seen these colours, I personally believe that offering this larger choice one of the best decisions we’ve made. They are very elegant looking and the antique colours will fit in with many house fronts.

Every day hundreds of houses are being planned and built, some are a traditional brickwork front but increasingly developments feature glass and wood. We think it’s key that we can provide a secure post box that fits each customer’s house specification whether it has been built recently or been around for some time, whether traditional or modern in style.

We think you’ll be delighted with our extensive range of secure letterboxes models and colours. We also think that you’ll enjoy your experience with us as we pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service.